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Our Differences 
Our Design 
 Our Destiny

When it comes to emotional needs, we are all the same. We face internal struggles.
Understanding this helps us to embrace each other. No matter what a person looks like, they are like us. Imperfect, but worthy of attention and kindness.

"This book is an excellent resource for those who want to make a difference in their spheres of influence." Stephen McDowell, Author of Monumental - Restoring America as the Land of Liberty Study Guide

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Culture Changers pivots readers into a life of intentionality to bring healing to our nation.
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Individuals shape families and families are the bedrock of communities.  God is raising up Culture Changers who will, through one-on-one interaction, help millions of people change their trajectory of tragedy into one of triumph.

Begin 2021 with vision and a plan.
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Be empowered and encouraged as an agent of healing. Gain insight to help you meet the spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of those around you. Engage with others who have a heart like yours.

"These people are not only helping one person find victory, but they are paving the way for families to be healthy and the next generation to stand in triumph.  They are reforming society one person at a time. I call them Culture Changers."

The Spirit of God is moving on the earth. 
“As I grieved and processed death and life, broken relationships and societal chaos, I ended up crying out to God for peace amid so many storms, so many questions, and not enough answers.” - Tina Webb, Author