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"There are a lot of books trending that have to do injustice that I have been reading. I have found that few offer either a) a real look at the roots of the problem or b) personal steps that we can take to be part of the solution. Culture Changers provides both and is a gem for doing so! The roots are fascinating, and Tina Webb is masterful at bringing together complex topics both theological (sin, brokenness, theodicy) and social-scientific (epigenetics, trauma) to show how they influence our cultural brokenness, and how we can be part of changing that culture. The best part may be towards the end of the book, where real ideas for being a Culture Changer are presented that involve our selves, our families, our churches, and our communities, ideas that grow out of the analysis presented earlier in the book and that are truly actionable, not just vague slogans. I strongly recommend this book! The paperback edition is sturdy, easy to read, of good quality paper and smooth cover. This is a tremendous book!" (5 Star Review)

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"I felt very blessed to have come across this book. I was truly inspired by the knowledge given. Everything was explained and written in a way that I was able to see very important, sensitive issues around me from a different; more healthy point of view. I find myself even now referring back to things I’ve read & learned in this book to think and act differently in my everyday life. This is such an amazing, inspiring book. I recommend everyone to read it. I encourage everyone to read it. Let’s be Culture Changers, let’s change the narrative and work towards a better present & future for ourselves, our families and our community! 10/10!!!" (Goodreads Review)

"This book is an excellent resource for those who want to make a difference in their spheres of influence." Stephen McDowell, Author of Monumental - Restoring America as the Land of Liberty Study Guide
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Individuals shape families and families are the bedrock of communities.  God is raising up Culture Changers who will, through one-on-one interaction, help millions of people change their trajectory of tragedy into one of triumph.